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Lesson Policy

Correct as of the 16th February 2020

It is in the interest of all parties concerned that the following terms and conditions, which are recommended by EPTA (European Piano Teachers Association), are understood and followed throughout the duration of tuition. Music lessons will only commence after acceptance of the following:

  •  Fees

a)  Lesson fees are subject to annual review.

b)  Lesson fees must be paid to the Pianoland Academy one month in advance, at the beginning

of each month by internet payment OR cheque.

  •  Music Lessons

a)  Weekly attendance for scheduled music lessons will be expected.

b)  If the scheduled lesson cannot be attended (3 times max. per term), the Student must inform

the Pianoland Academy at least 24 hours in advance and replacement lesson can then be

scheduled. Any missed lessons will not be refunded or replaced.

c)  Lessons can take place at Student’s home, Teacher’s venue and online platforms.

d)  Lessons could continue throughout the school holidays if both the Student and the Teacher


  • Punctuality

a)  Music lessons must run strictly to schedule.

b)  Lessons will still finish on time even if the Student arrives late as the Teacher has other classes


c)  The Teacher must fulfil the lesson time for the Student if the Teacher arrives late.

  • Other Lesson Attendees

a)  Friends and relatives may attend the lesson, but they must not interfere with the lesson.

b)  If the student is under the age of eighteen and travelling for lessons, the Parent/Guardian shall

ensure an accompanying adult responsible for the travelling. (Except Online lessons)

  • Data Protection

a) All information, both verbal and written, acquired for the purpose of music lessons will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be made available to any third party without prior consent.

  • Disclaimer

a)  The Student agrees to pay for any materials which are required and provided by the Teacher. (eg. music, CDs, exams, etc)

b)  The Student will be responsible for any loss or damage incurred to any item belonging to the Teacher.

  • Practice

a) Whilst the Teacher will use every effort to ensure the student makes satisfactory progress, this cannot be guaranteed. The Student must also organise their time to have a good quality practice to ensure progress.

  • Photographs, videos & recordings

a) Any photographs, videos and recordings taken in the course of music lessons may be used on the Pianoland Academy’s website/social media for the purpose of demonstration and promotion with the Student/Parent's permission.

  • Termination of Agreement

a)  A decision to discontinue lessons may be taken by the Teacher and/or the Student, in which case as early notice as possible shall be given by the party seeking to discontinue.

b)  If the student wishes to leave the Pianoland Academy, he/she must let the Pianoland Academy know at least one month in advance.